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Doctoral School in Science, Technology and Engineering (EDCTI)

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Message from the Director of the Doctoral School

Welcome to the website of the Doctoral School in Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (EDCTI) of the University of Granada, responsible for doctoral programmes linked to the fields of theoretical and experimental sciences, information and communication technologies, civil and computing engineering, and architecture.

This portal aims to help students and lecturers in an agile and efficient way, offering relevant information about the School's structure, academic programmes and procedures. Efficient communication is very important for us, so we welcome any suggestions for the improvement of this website.

The EDCTI, like the rest of the Doctoral Schools of the UGR, is a young centre, although sufficiently experienced and committed to offer high-quality doctoral studies and to train highly qualified researchers for a knowledge society. We pursue training in theoretical and applied frontier research in the fields of natural sciences, information and communication technologies, and engineering. For the realisation of this task, we aim to achieve local, national and international collaborations. To this end, we rely on qualified lecturers and students from various national and foreign educational and research centres.

If you are interested in receiving doctoral training in the fields of sciences, technologies and engineering, explore this website and the doctoral programmes offered by our School and join us on the exciting journey of scientific-technical research and discovery.

antoniogarciacasco Personal page Antonio García Casco has been Director of the EDCTI since September 2015. He has previously been coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Earth Sciences and the Official Master's Degree in Geology, as well as a member of the Advisory Council for Postgraduate Education and the former Doctoral Committee. He is Profesor Catedrático de Universidad (Professor) of Petrology and Geochemistry belonging to the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology of the UGR, researcher at the Andalusian Earth Sciences Institute (UGR-CSIC), member of the research group PAIDI-JA Petrogenesis and Lithospheric Processes, associate editor of international journals of Earth Sciences and member of the EU ERC-Advance Grants PE10 Earth System Science panel. Scientific production in ORCID y ResearchID.
Contact: UGR Directory
Antonio García Casco
Director of the Doctoral School in Science, Technology and Engineering (EDCTI)
Avda. de Madrid, 13, 18071 Granada, Spain
Tel: + 34 958 24 10 00 - Extension 20178

Basic information for doctoral students, tutors and supervisors

Download the following document (.pdf) to quickly get answers to frequent questions from new students and students enrolled in programmes that are being discontinued (requirements for the submission of a doctoral thesis, board of examiners, tutors, doctoral thesis supervisors, etc.).

For the defence of your doctoral thesis, it is important that you read the regulations of the EDCTI and the UGR. Please also see the calendar of sessions of the Standing Committee of the EDCTI Management Committee, which is responsible for the approval of these defence applications.