IDSS Life and death in the past ocean: stressors an primary productivity.

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IDSS Life and death in the past ocean: stressors an primary productivity.

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18th to 22th of July 2022
Campaña LIDEO 2022 The International Doctoral Summer School “Life and death in the ocean: stressors and primary productivity (LIDEO)” will offer PhD students and early career scientists from all over the world the opportunity to discuss multiple ocean stressors of marine ecosystems in the past and present oceans to gain insights into the environmental conditions impacting life and death in the ocean. They will also have the opportunity to present their ongoing or recently completed research.

The course will be developed face to face in order to promote interactions between all participant professors and students. During this course, eight highly-reputed specialists in the field will present different approaches to evaluate the role of ocean stressors in the marine environment. Integrative analyses and multiproxy approaches including geochemical, micropaleontological, and ichnological proxies will be discussed. Past and recent examples will be analyzed, evidencing the incidence of diverse stressors.

The course is planned for five days (see detailed program below). The first four days (July 18th to 21st) will consist of two sessions (morning and afternoon). The morning sections will include two lectures by the participant professors, followed by questions and discussion. Presentations will be grouped according to their thematic fields. Thus, a total of 8 lectures have been scheduled. In the afternoon the students will give talks, presenting their research results, followed by an open discussion as well. Moreover, a one-day field trip (July 22nd) to the Sorbas and Nijar basins (Almería, SE Spain) is planned to show the students some exceptional examples of sediment records involving variations in oxygenation and productivity. The course will also promote opportunities for future collaborations between young researchers from different disciplines related to Biogeochemistry, Micropaleontology, and Ichnology. Our scientific program will be complemented with a sociocultural program in the city of Granada. Thus, a visit to Granada is programmed in July 20th afternoon for the whole group of students and professors.

Organizing Committee

Francisco Javier Rodríguez Tovar (UGR)

Francisca Martínez Ruiz (IACT; CSIC-UGR)

Gert de Lange (Utrecht University, The Netherland)

Scientific Committe

Francisco Javier Rodríguez Tovar (UGR)

Francisca Martínez Ruiz (IACT; CSIC-UGR)

Gert de Lange (Utrecht University, The Netherland)

Alvaro Fernández Bremer (IACT; CSIC-UGR)

Adina Paytan (University of California, USA)

Juan Manuel Ruiz Fernández (Spanish Institute of Oceanography)

Francisco J. Sierro (University of Salamanca)

Williem G.M. van der Bilt (University of Bergen; Norway)

Who can apply?

Among 21-24 students will be admitted who will attend the sessions and participate in the debates, and will also present their ongoing doctoral research or postdoctoral projects. They will be accepted by incoming order. The registration will be closed as soon as the quota is filled.

It is expected that more than 60% (higher than 13) of participants will be external students, mainly foreign students from European universities (the scientific committee members belong to universities in The Netherland, Norway, and USA, and they know already candidates interested in this summer school).

Submission procedure

LIDEO2022 Registration Form should be filled and all documents indicated in the brochure should be provided. Please submit your registration to --LOGIN--56988dc02f3688892af132a2d92f16f8ugr[dot]es .


The fee of the LIDEO International Doctoral Summer School is 150 € for all students. The maximum number of participants will be 24. The fee includes sandwiches and some snacks for lunch, coffees, and a cocktail dinner at Carmen de la Victoria.

Tuition waiver

Two tuition waiver registrations are available for students enrolled in LIDEO Summer School. Students that fit the requirements and would like to ask for the tuition waiver should fill out the option in the registration form and indicate a justification of their motivation through an additional motivation letter entitled: Why I am requesting the tuition waiver. Taking into account the University of Granada is part of the Arqus European University Alliance 1 PhD student from ARQUS universities will benefit from one of the tuition waivers.

Key dates

The deadline for registration is July 5th, 2022.

Acceptance and further steps will be notified on July 8th, 2022.

Applicants should pay the registration fee before July 12th, 2022.

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