IDSS Biomat 2022. Multiscale Models and Methods in Life Science

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IDSS Biomat 2022. Multiscale Models and Methods in Life Science

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June 6th - 10th 2022
biomat-Mnat-2022The understanding of complex systems is one of the main scientific endeavours nowadays. Complex phenomena abound in Life Sciences and in Social Sciences, in connection with practical problems relevant to modern societies: cancer prognosis, developmental biology, ecological networks, traffic flow or evacuation protocols just to name a few. Most of the times the proper understanding of such complex phenomena requires a multiscale point of view, both in space and time. Quantitative methods are being developed during the recent years to tackle multiscale dynamics. We feel that this is the right time to set up a summer school focused on the recent developments in the field.

The courses will cover multiscale modeling techniques, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, topological data analysis and specific applications to neuroscience, tumor angiogenesis, inmunology and multi-agent systems. From the point of view of PhD training, a sensible balance between theory and practice is promoted, while fostering multidisciplinary approaches. Interactions between attendees and speakers will be promoted on a lively environment and in several social events.

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