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Doctoral Thesis

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Rules for the preparation of thesis reports

The doctoral thesis will consist of an original research paper prepared by the candidate in any field of knowledge in line with the programme in which the doctoral student is enrolled.

The thesis may be developed and, where appropriate, defended, in the common languages for scientific communication in its field of knowledge. If the thesis is written in another language, it must include a comprehensive abstract in Spanish.

The cover and first page of the report must include:

  • Doctoral Programme.
  • Title of the thesis.
  • Author.
  • Supervisor/s

The doctoral thesis must include, at least, the following contents: title, abstract, introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and bibliographical references.

Published Article

To ensure the quality of the completed work prior to its formal presentation, at least one article accepted or published in an impact journal in the field of knowledge of the doctoral thesis must be submitted. This must be signed by the doctoral student and include some of the results of the doctoral thesis. The article should be included as an additional document to be submitted to the International School for Postgraduate Studies (EIP) and not included within the copy of the thesis.

See the regulations on this subject of the Doctoral Schools in:

Collection of articles

A doctoral thesis can consist on a set of articles, published by the doctoral candidate in any scientific media relevant to his/her knowledge area. Such articles will be recollected in a research work report.

Some important details:

  • A doctoral thesis may also consist of the regrouping of research papers published by the doctoral student in scientific media relevant to their field of knowledge into a report.
  • The articles must be published or accepted after obtaining the undergraduate and master's degrees.
  • They may not have been used in any previous thesis.
  • If the article was conducted by more than one author, you must also attach the declaration of the other author(s) that they have not presented this article in another thesis and will not do so in the future. The contribution of the doctoral student to the aforementioned works will also be indicated.
  • In addition to the sections already mentioned, the thesis must contain the articles comprising it, either integrated as chapters of the thesis or as an annex.

The Advisory Council for Doctoral Schools (CAED) recommends using a minimum of three articles for this type of format and that a report be included with the impact factor of the articles submitted. For those fields in which this criterion is not applicable, it will be replaced by the requirements of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI) for these scientific fields.

The doctoral programme academic committees may require additional conditions to those reflected on this website. Please consult the website of the doctoral programme and the corresponding doctoral school to see if additional conditions are published.

The doctoral student must respect the intellectual property rights relating to the dissemination of the articles used in the doctoral thesis. The articles must appear in the version permitted or authorised by the journal.

Please note:

  • You can access the regulations on this subject according to the Doctoral School to which your programme belongs:

  • Visit the website of your doctoral programme to consult any additional requirements it has established regarding the characteristics of the publications that may be included in your doctoral thesis and whether prior authorisation is required for a thesis based on a collection of articles.

Doctoral thesis public defence

The procedures and submission of documents will be conducted at the International School for Postgraduate Studies (EIP). All information on the required documents, deadlines and procedures:

Check the deadlines and submission dates on the calendar of the doctoral programme.

Students enrolled in doctoral programmes may submit their doctoral thesis once two years have passed since their entry into the doctoral programme. However, a reasoned request for exemption from this period may be made to the corresponding doctoral school with the approval of the thesis supervisor, tutor and programme coordinator, provided that they have defended their doctoral thesis proposal and completed the established activities.

  • If you will be eligible for the international mention, please consult all the details in the following link .
  • If you are submitting your doctoral thesis as an article-based thesis, please review all the requirements listed in the section above.
  • You can find information regarding the inter-university cotutelle doctoral thesis in this link.

Consultation of doctoral theses during the public defence period

Doctoral degree holders of the University of Granada can consult a digital copy of the thesis on the website of the University of Granada Library (BUG):

The paper copy may be consulted at the Academic Secretary's Office of the International School for Postgraduate Studies (EIP) upon accreditation of status as a lecturer of the University of Granada and possession of the doctoral degree.

During the public defence period, doctoral degree holders may submit any observations they deem appropriate on the content of the thesis to the International School for Postgraduate Studies.

Composition of the board of examiners

According to the new wording given by the Governing Council to Article 25 of the UGR Regulations on Official Doctoral Studies of the University of Granada, the OFFICIAL board of examiners will be composed of three or five members. The majority of these members must be external to the University of Granada and must also not be part of the teaching staff of the doctoral programme in which the doctoral student is registered.

If the board comprises three members, only the Secretary may belong to the University of Granada. The other two members must be external to the University of Granada and to the doctoral programme.

If the board comprises five members, two of them must belong to the University of Granada, one of them being the Secretary. The other three members must be external to the University of Granada and to the doctoral programme.

In both cases the number of substitutes will be three.

The following agreement adopted by the Advisory Council for Doctoral Schools (CAED) in its session of 14/12/2020 must also be taken into account:

Proposals for boards of examiners drawn up by the doctoral programme academic committees (CAD) must comply with the provisions of Spanish Law 40/2015, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector in all matters relating to abstention in any of the cases envisaged in the law, especially when referring to the author of the thesis or its supervisors. More specifically, a board proposal will not be accepted if any of the suggested members is related by blood or marriage to the thesis author or has a de facto relationship with them, as envisaged in Law 40/2015.

The previous paragraph relates to the proposed members of the examination board who are co-authors of the articles submitted by doctoral students in article-based theses or to the article associated with the doctoral thesis. In particular, the Doctoral School in Health Sciences will in no case accept the proposal of an examiner who co-authors one of the articles mentioned above.

The Standing Committee of the Governing Team of the Advisory Council for Doctoral Schools (CAED), following the provisions of Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, on the effective equality of women and men, recalls the obligation to observe the principle of a balanced presence of women and men in the appointment of doctoral thesis evaluation boards among the members proposed by the academic committees of the corresponding doctoral programmes, except for well-founded, objective and duly motivated reasons.

Time necessary for the authorisation of the doctoral thesis defence

The approval of a thesis requires the authorisation of various bodies of the University of Granada. The doctoral student must therefore consider that, from its inception, the process may require as long as two months.

The doctoral student will initiate the thesis defence process before:

  • The offices of the International School for Postgraduate Studies (EIP), proceeding to send it to the corresponding doctoral programme for the academic committee to report on it.
  • Once the approval of the corresponding academic committee has been received, the management committee of the corresponding doctoral school will assess the documentation on the established dates.

Modification of the doctoral thesis project

The modification of any aspect of the doctoral thesis proposal/thesis project requires the corresponding authorisation (change of title and/or subject, changes in thesis supervision, withdrawals from the thesis project due to change to another University, change of programme, etc.) and must always occur sufficiently prior to the submission of the thesis for defence.

If the proposed changes involve the inclusion of a new supervisor, you must include the following standardised form for the suitability report. No other type of document will be accepted to accredit the suitability of the proposed new supervisor(s).

Suitability Report (Spanish/English) Word PDF

To propose any type of modification of the thesis project you must be enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Granada.

The application for modification reflects any desired changes to the current thesis project.

Where do I have to submit this document?

The document must be submitted as an application via the monitoring portal. (Application type: “CAMBIOS EN EL PLAN DE INVESTIGACIÓN: EN TEMÁTICA Y/O DIRECCIÓN DE TESIS” (“CHANGES IN RESEARCH PROPOSAL: SUBJECT MATTER AND/OR THESIS SUPERVISION”) - Text: [Include the title of the doctoral thesis, even if it has not changed]. Attach file: new research proposal in PDF format).

How will I be notified of the approval/rejection of the requested changes?

If the new research proposal is accepted, the notification will indicate “ACEPTADO”. However, you will have to check to see the specific conditions. To check these conditions, click on the ”+” icon.

If it is rejected, you must also click on the ”+” icon to see the reasons for this rejection.

How can I appeal the resolution?

You may submit the appeal as an application (“OTRAS SOLICITUDES” [“OTHER APPLICATIONS”]), attaching a written report in PDF format stating the reasons for the appeal.

Do I have to defend a new research proposal?

The resolution will indicate whether this is necessary or not.

Consultation of doctoral theses

There are several databases in which doctoral theses can be consulted. Almost all Spanish universities provide the opportunity to consult recently defended doctoral theses. The University of Granada offers the university community the ability to consult both the paper and digital versions.

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