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Admission to doctoral programmes

Regular registration period Dates (dd/mm/yyyy)
Application period 04/07/2023 to 05/10/2023*
Communication of admitted/rejected applications 02/11/2023
Review and complaint period Until 13/11/2023*
Final communications 26/11/2023
Registration period 26/11/2023 to 14/12/2023*

* The deadline is 00:00 (midnight) Spanish mainland time.

  • EXTRAORDINARY REGISTRATION PERIOD (applications submitted during this period will only be accepted if there are vacant places remaining on the doctoral programme in question)
Extraordinary registration period Dates (dd/mm/yyyy)
Application period 09/01/2024 to 26/01/2024*
Communication of admitted/rejected applications (provisional) 14/02/2024
Review and complaint period Until 22/02/2024*
Final communications 05/03/2024
Registration period 05/03/2024 to 14/03/2024 *

* The deadline is 00:00 (midnight) Spanish mainland time.

Re-registration for students under Royal Decree 99/2011

Doctoral candidates wishing to continue their studies must upload their annual monitoring report to "The Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Students" between 1 and 30 September 2023, and must complete their registration by selecting the following option: “tutela académica del doctorado” (doctoral student academic supervision).

All relevant information concerning access and admission to doctoral studies can be found at this  ►link◄

The Governing Council empowers the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Learning and the Advisory Council for Doctoral Schools (CAED) to reconcile and solve any problems related to the implementation of this calendar for the academic year 2023-2024.