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Registration. Fees

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If you are an international student and registered during the first application period (exclusively for applicants holding foreign academic diplomas), you must pay an instalment of €400 in advance towards your fees in order to secure your place. This instalment will then be deducted from your outstanding fees. However, if you have been awarded a grant or scholarship to pursue your master’s studies, you do not need to pay this instalment in advance (please note that you will need to provide proof that this is the case). In September, you will have to pay the difference between the total outstanding fees and the €400 which has already been paid. If you have received an exemption or discount, your fees will be re-calculated. Likewise, if your total outstanding fees amount to less than €400, you will be refunded the difference. Once you have paid the initial instalment of €400, all other outstanding fees must be paid using the ‘Carta de Pago’ payment form and through one of the following options:

1. In person, at any of the banks listed below, using the corresponding bank account numbers. When filling out the description (in Spanish: ‘Concepto’) section in the bank form, you must include ‘Matrícula Universidad de Granada’ and the reference number indicated in your ‘Carta de Pago’. For example: ‘Matrícula Universidad de Granada-786 XXXXX’
BANKIA: ES75 2038 3505 3864 0000 9343 (BIC / SWIFT: CAHMESMMXXX)
CAJA RURAL: ES33 3023 0140 6557 0692 3207 (BIC / SWIFT): BCOEESMM023)
CAJA SUR: ES50 0237 0700 4091 6923 4956 (BIC / SWIFT: CSURES2CXXX)
BANCO SANTANDER: ES63 0049 0004 9121 1455 5688 (BIC / SWIFT: BSCHESMMXXX)
UNICAJA: ES13 2103 0915 1800 6000 0017 (BIC / SWIFT: UCJAES2MXXX)

2. By making the payment online via the UGR’s: Secure Access Login (Acceso Identificado).

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