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Registration. Payment

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Payment of fees


All fees charged by the University of Granada for the provision of academic and administrative services for master's degree programmes regulated by Royal Decree 1393/2007 are established in the Decree of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Enterprise and Universities (CECEU) of Andalusia. This decree is published every academic year.

Students who register within the first application stage (applicants with foreign degrees) must make a payment of 400 euros on account of the registration fees that they will have to pay once the official public prices for that year have been approved. Applicants may be exempt from this payment if they provide proof that they have been awarded a grant.

During September, these students will receive instructions on how to pay for the difference between the amount paid and the final fees. If a student is entitled to a discount or exemption and the resulting total amount is less than 400 euros, the difference will be refunded.

Payment methods

From the second application stage onwards, you must pay your fees using a payment form and any of the following methods:

1. Make the payment to one of the partner banks specified by the University of Granada. The message accompanying the payment must be: Matrícula Universidad de Granada - Payment form reference ID - Your ID card number
18071 - GRANADA
You can make the payment to any of the following account numbers:
CAIXABANK: ES29 2100 4224 3713 0090 2944 (BIC / SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX)
CAJA RURAL: ES33 3023 0140 6557 0692 3207 (BIC / SWIFT): BCOEESMM023)
CAJA SUR: ES50 0237 0700 4091 6923 4956 (BIC / SWIFT: CSURES2CXXX)
BANCO SANTANDER: ES63 0049 0004 9121 1455 5688 (BIC / SWIFT: BSCHESMMXXX)
UNICAJA: ES13 2103 0915 1800 6000 0017 (BIC / SWIFT: UCJAES2MXXX)

2. Pay your fees online via your UGR's Acceso Identificado Student Account: go to ACCESO IDENTIFICADO .
3. Pay your fees online directly through your bank app, without using the MIS PAGOS UGR (My UGR Payments) option. To do this, please use the IBANs noted in point 1 above. We advise you to include the reference ID of the payment form (located at the top right of the form) in the message accompanying the transference. This will be the mandatory payment method if you are making a late fee payment.

Fee payment deadlines and payment in instalments

Fees must be paid within 15 calendar days from the date of issue of the payment form. If you opt to pay in instalments, your second instalment must be paid by 30 December.

Secretary's office fees and the student insurance premium cannot be paid in instalments. If you choose to pay your registration fees in instalments, these amounts must be paid in the first instalment.

You will not be allowed to pay in instalments if:

a) You are paying for a modification to your ordinary registration.
b) You are paying any additional fees after 1 December.
c) The amount due is less than 200 euros.

Payment methods

1. One single payment at the time of registration.

2. Payment in two equal instalments. You must pay your first instalment when applying for registration and the second instalment during the second half of December.

3. Payment in up to ten instalments. If you choose this payment method, a monthly instalment plan will be set up for you with any of the financing institutions that the University of Granada has an agreement with (which are listed in the corresponding application form). This payment arrangement, which is available for all students free of charge and without any demand for guarantees, is governed by the following specifications:

3.1. Only the registration fees shown on the payment form will be financed. Students cannot request a higher or lower amount to be financed.
3.2. The minimum amount to be financed is TWO HUNDRED euros (€200).
3.3. Bankable payment forms are those issued as a single payment form and, for students who chose to pay in two instalments, the payment form corresponding to the second instalment. In the latter case, you will be required to provide proof that you have already paid the first instalment.
3.4. Financing conditions and their possible amendments will be established in the agreements between the University of Granada and each financing institution. These agreements will be published immediately after approval by our university.
3.5. Your registration and any marks you obtain in semester courses or partial assessments will be accepted conditionally until you can prove that you have paid in full the fees financed.
3.6. Instalments will be paid on a monthly basis, with the last instalment due by the end of May.
3.7. Students wishing to use this payment method must sign the corresponding agreement with the financing institution and agree with the applicable conditions by filling in the application form established for this purpose, available at the International School for Postgraduate Studies.

Failure to pay the registration fees in part or in full, irrespective of the chosen payment method, will result in an order for payment as established in the Regulations for formal registration.

If you do not make the required payment, it will be understood that you withdraw your application for registration, with the effects described in the Regulations mentioned in the paragraph above.

For students with a monthly instalment arrangement, failure to pay two monthly instalments will be considered a breach of the conditions established.

The University of Granada will not allow you to register in any other degree, nor will it perform any transfers of your academic transcript or issue any degree certificates for you until you prove that you have paid all outstanding amounts, including any corresponding interest on arrears and late payment charges if applicable.

Consequences of non-payment

1. Timely payment of your fees, in part or in full, is a prerequisite both for receiving administrative services (including the issuing of certificates) and for the processing of your registration application. Your registration will not be completed until you can prove that you have paid your fees in full or provide proof of exemption (in the latter case, indicating the institution or body that will cover the fees).

2. You may not apply for subsequent registrations or transfers of your academic transcript until you submit proof of payment of all outstanding amounts, including any interests on arrears and late payment surcharges that may apply.

3. Your registration application will be conditionally admitted until you submit proof of payment of the fees by the established deadline. If the payment has not been made by that time, an order for payment will be issued and you will be given ten days to settle the amount due. During this period, your academic transcript will be blocked. If you do not pay the outstanding fees (whether the fees were due in full or in part), your registration application will be considered withdrawn, we will file said application and you will lose any amounts paid up to that point.

4. In accordance with the general admission regulations, if new students do not settle their payment form (whether corresponding to a total or partial payment or their fees) within 15 calendar days of its issue, their registration application will be filed and considered withdrawn. Following this, we will issue the order for payment mentioned in the previous paragraph. The purpose of this is to avoid allocating a place to someone who will not use it, which would be detrimental to other students applying for the same degree programme.

5. The Dean's office will notify the student of this withdrawal, informing them that their registration application has been filed and that they may appeal this decision before the Rector based on documented and well-founded reasons. At this point, a new payment deadline may not be requested.

6. If the student lodges an appeal and this is upheld by the Rector of this University, it will have no retroactive effects. The student may sit the exams that have not yet taken place as long as they submit proof of payment before the beginning of the corresponding exam period (unless the decision specifies otherwise based on well-founded and exceptional reasons, and always in accordance with the UGR's continuance regulations). Only if strictly necessary will we issue a new payment form for the amount due. This payment form cannot be settled in instalments.

Any amounts unduly paid after the corresponding deadline will be refunded.

Consequences of withdrawal

For new students, withdrawal will imply the loss of their student status at the UGR and their removal from the University's computer database.

For the rest of students, it will only entail the loss of their student status for that academic year. For the following academic year, these students must apply for registration in person at their centre once all the online self-registration periods have ended. In addition, this registration will have the status of second or subsequent registration, depending on the type of registration withdrawn the previous year.

Grant holders

You do not need to pay your fees at the time of registration if you have applied for a grant from the Deputy Director-General for Scholarships and Study Aids or any other body or institution whose call for applications provides for such funding. If the grant is not awarded or is revoked, the fees must be paid in full in a single payment. Compliance with this obligation will not be affected by the presentation of any allegations and/or appeals.