During doctoral studies

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During doctoral studies

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You must submit your request through the Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Students using one of the standard forms that you can find below:

Specific forms

Form More information Document
Temporary leave or withdrawal from doctoral studies Web Spanish English
Change of tutor Spanish English
Change in doctoral thesis supervision Web Spanish English
Change of thesis title Web Spanish English
Complementary training: registration and accreditation Web Spanish English
Authorisation for a stay abroad at a research centre Spanish English
Refund of fees Web Spanish English
Regular extension in doctoral programmes Web Spanish English
Special extension in doctoral programmes Web Spanish English
UGR Buddy Programme for doctoral students Web Spanish English
UGR Buddy Programme report Web Spanish
Application for the unblocking of a student record Spanish English
Doctoral thesis enrolment renewal Web Spanish & English
Doctoral thesis proposal Web Spanish English
Application to transfer between doctoral programmes Spanish English

Generic form

For any other requests related to your doctoral studies that are not listed in the previous table, please use the general application form.

Form Document
General application form Spanish English

Requests to be made through the ACADEMIC MONITORING PORTAL (without submitting a form)

Application to change your mode of study from full-time to part-time

1. Under “Tipo de solicitud” (Type of application), choose Cambio de Dedicación Tiempo Completo a Tiempo Parcial (CMAT) (Change from full-time to part-time mode of study).
2. Under “Detalle de la solicitud” (Application details): [Free text]
3. Under “Seleccione archivo” (Select file), please attach a document proving the need for a change to part-time mode.

The maximum period of time you have to complete your doctoral studies will be impacted if you change your mode of study. More information


Frequently asked questions

  • How will my application be processed?
Your request will be administratively reviewed and can either be accepted or rejected. If your request is rejected, you can consult the reason by clicking on the following icon:


If your request is accepted, it will be sent to the doctoral programme so that its academic committee can inform the management committee of the corresponding doctoral school.
Once the appropriate administrative decision has been received, it will be attached to your request with the legend “Aceptada” (Accepted) or “Rechazada” (Rejected), the reasons for which can also be consulted as shown in the previous image. Additionally, you will be sent an email (always to your @correo.ugr.es email address) with the administrative decision. Doctoral students whose requests have been rejected will receive a notification through the UGR e-Administration Platform.
  • Can I appeal against the rejection of my request? How?
You can submit your appeal through the option “SOLICITUDES” (Requests). In “Tipo de solicitud” (Type of request), select “OTRAS SOLICITUDES” (Other requests). In the text field, indicate “RECURSO DE ALZADA” (Appeal) and attach the PDF with the appeal.
  • Is there an appeal form?

You can fill in the following form:


However, we suggest using a text editor to write the following information:

1. Your name and surname(s).
2. The decision being appealed.
3. The reason for your objection.

Please attach this text in PDF format to the request you have created.

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