Coimbra Group-UNICA PhD Workshop in Dubrovnik

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Coimbra Group-UNICA PhD Workshop in Dubrovnik


During their PhD journey, doctoral candidates become attuned to facing the unknown. As they move forward with their work, they develop competences related to solving complex problems, searching and identifying opportunities, and adapting to changing environments. After completing their PhD, they are again confronted with the unknown: their future career in a global job market, which can present a threat and an opportunity.

The Vice Rectorate for Internationalization and the International School for Postgraduate Studies of the University of Granada are pleased to announce to PhD students the call for a place at the second Coimbra Group-UNICA joint PhD training workshop: Navigating your career: international training workshop for PhD candidates on career preparation that will take place at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies of the University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 15-18 October 2017.