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General information

CoordinatorsSoler Vizcaino, Juan Segundo
CollegeEscuela de Doctorado de Ciencias, Tecnologías e Ingenierías

Research topics

Associative Algebras: Formal and Effective Methods. Finitely Generated Monoids, Homotopy Theory, Computational Algebra, Hopf Algebras and Quantum Groups Functional Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Infinite-Dimensional Geometry, Operator Algebras: C* Algebras
Probabilistic Models and Inference in Stochastic Processes Stellar Astrophysics, Stellar Evolution, and Supernovae
Galactic Astrophysics, Radio Astronomy, Interstellar Medium, Galactic Structure and Star Formation Biomathematics, Biophysics, Cell and Tumour Dynamics, Pattern Formation and Ecology
Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background and Large-Scale Structure Evolution Partial Differential Equations, Kinetic and Quatum Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Relativity and Variational Methods
Erasmus+ Incoming Cooperative Phenomena in Statistical Physics: Interdisciplinary Theory and Applications. Theory and Simulation of Complex Systems
Computational Physics, Numerical Electromagnetics and Natural Electromagnetic Phenomena Physics of Information, Atoms in External Fields, Approximation Theory
Hadronic Physics: Monte Carlo Study of Spin System Phase Diagrams Theoretical Physics: Physics in More than Four Dimensions
Geometry and Dynamics of Relativistic Particles and Strings: Lorentzian Geometry and Gravitation
Numerical Resolution of PDEs, Non-Linear Equations and Numerical Methods, Numerical Models of Biological and Geophysical Fluids Dynamical Systems, Hamiltonian Dynamics, Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations, Optimisation and Variational Methods, Non-Linear Analysis and Elliptic Equations
Minimal Surfaces, Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces, Isoperimetric Inequalities, Geometric Measure Theory and Heisenberg Groups Quantum Theory of Non-Linear Fields, Infinite-Dimensional Group Representation, Quantisation of Gauge Theory, Quantum Gravity and Mathematical Physics

Teaching Staff

Profesorado Colaborador