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Calendar and Fees

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2019/2020 FEES

The following information is relevant only for those who wish to undertake a master’s degree at the UGR in the academic year 2019/2020. Academic and administrative fees are established in an Official Gazette (BOJA) issued annually by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Enterprise and Universities.

Master’s degree fees (price per ECTS credit) 2019/2020
1st enrolment* 2nd enrolment* 3rd enrolment* 4th and subsequent- enrolments*
Group 1 (Philology, Humanities, History, Law, Economics/Business) €13.68 €27.35 €52.13 €69.51
Group 2 (Fine Arts, Geography, Mathematics, Education Science) €13.68 €27.35 €55.08 €73.44
Group 3 (Engineering and Architecture) €13.68 €27.35 €59.26 €82.06
Group 4 (Experimental Sciences) €13.68 €27.35 €59.26 €82.06
Group 5 (Health Sciences) €13.68 €27.35 €59.26 €82.06

*On the ECTS credits on the same course

Recognition of credits
In accordance with articles 6 and 12.8 of the Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, any student who requests the recognition of credits must pay thirty per cent of the corresponding fees. If you require more information about the recognition of credits on UGR master’s degrees, please contact us via the following email address: --LOGIN--3bad6a819132396d3700e5961bb83ebdugr[dot]es
Administrative fees
Creation of academic record €59.10
Academic certificates and transfer of academic records €26.30
Student ID cart €5.70
Diploma fees
Master’s degree diploma (upon successful completion of studies) €176.00
Issuing of official university certificate €26.30
Issuing of European Diploma Supplement copies (the original document is issues free of charge) €16.00
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