Academic calendar and fees

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Academic calendar and fees

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For new students, pre-registration and registration deadlines are established by the agreement of the “Distrito Único Andaluz (DUA)” Committee for University Admissions in Andalusia. This agreement specifies the admission procedure for master's degrees taught in the corresponding academic year.

The Governing Council of the University of Granada establishes the registration deadlines for ongoing students, as well as other deadlines that students should take into account.


Academic and administrative fees in Andalusian public universities are established by the annual decree of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Enterprise and Universities (CECEU).

University studies leading to master's degrees structured in credits
1st registration2nd registration3rd registration4th and subsequent registrations
Group 1 (Philologies, Humanities, History, Legal Sciences, Economics and Business)13.68 27.35 52.13 69.51
Group 2 (Fine Arts, Geography, Mathematics, Education Sciences)13.68 27.35 55.08 73.44
Group 3 (Engineering and Architecture) 13.68 27.35 59.26 82.06
Group 4 (Experimental Sciences*) 13.68 27.35 59.26 82.06
Group 5 (Health Sciences*) 13.68 27.35 59.26 82.06
Recognition of credits
In accordance with the provisions of article 6 and 12.8 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, students applying for the recognition and/or transfer of credits will pay thirty percent of the corresponding fees except in the following circumstances, which may lead to an exemption:
- The credits to be recognised result from an adaptation process to the new degrees implemented within the framework of the European Higher Education Area, in accordance with the provisions of their respective validation reports.
- The credits to be recognised result from the application of specific pathways from double degree programmes.
- The credits to be recognised result from the application of mobility programmes or agreements subscribed by the respective universities.
- The credits to be recognised were obtained in a master's degree programme from a specific Andalusian university and are to be transferred to another master's degree from the same university.
Administrative fees:
Creation of academic transcript: €59.10
Issuance of official academic transcripts and transfers of academic records: €26.30
Issuance and maintenance of identity card data: €5.70
Degree certificates:
Issuance of master's degree certificate: €176.00
Issuance and printing of duplicate certificates of official university degrees: €26.30
Issuance and printing of duplicates of the Diploma Supplement: €16.00
Postage of academic diplomas to Spanish Government Sub-delegations, embassies or consulates: €26.30
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