Free Mobility (Incoming) - Master's Programme

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Free Mobility (Incoming) - Master's Programme

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  • To apply as a Free Mobility Student, they must already be enrolled as a postgraduate student at their home university.
  • The student must be authorised by their home university and by the academic coordinator of their Postgraduate Programme to take part in Master's programmes at the UGR.
  • The student cannot have studied at the UGR as a free mover student.


Application period The application period will be open throughout the academic year.
Resolution period One month after the reception of the application form.


1. PRE-ADMISSION APPLICATION TO THE COORDINATOR OF THE MASTER. Students should apply a pre-admission letter by e-mail to the Master Coordinator of the studies that they wishes to follow partially at the UGR and state the courses that they is going to study at UGR university.

  • Important:

2. APPLICATION OF THE AUTHORIZATION LETTER AT HOME UNIVERSITY. Students should apply for a letter of authorization of their stay at their home university that certifies:

  • That the student is enrolled in a study programme that corresponds to Postgraduate Studies at their home university.
  • That their home university authorises their stay as a free mover.

3. APPLICATION FOR THE ADMISSION OF FREE MOBILITY STAYS IN POSTGRADUATE STUDIES. Students should fill in their application and attach the following documents:

  • Photocopy of their ID Card or Passport.
  • Pre-admission letter signed by the Coordinator of the Master at the UGR (to fulfil the template and send it duly signed and stamped is obligatory).
  • Photocopy of the student's enrolment document in Postgraduate Studies at their home university.
  • Photocopy of the Approval Certificate by their home university.

All the above-mentioned documents are obligatory to process the application form. Incomplete applications will not be validated and therefore they will be rejected.

The International School for Postgraduate Studies (ISPS) will check the documentation and will approve or reject the application according to the requirements of participation and the availability of vacant positions in the requested Programme, and may previously ask the student for additional information if necessary.

The applicant student will receive a confirmation e-mail about the status of their among other communications in the e-mail indicated in their application.

4. FREE MOBILITY STUDENTS ENROLLED IN POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES CERTIFICATE. The International School for Postgraduate Studies (ISPS) will send a list of the students who have been admitted as Free Mover Students in Postgraduate Programmes to the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization.

The International Relations Office (IRO) will submit and send the duly signed letter of acceptance to the applicant by the means indicated in their application.

If a visa is needed, the applicant should take into account the deadlines to send the acceptance letter and the request for the visa.

5. REGISTRATION AND ENROLMENT. Once the student arrives at the University of Granada, they should REGISTER at The International Relations Office (IRO).

For the enrolment, the student should hand in a photocopy of the Passport or ID Card, a photocopy of the acceptance letter sent by the UGR and a passport size photograph.

UGR International Relations Office (IRO) will register the student as an International student and will hand out the corresponding Card.

Once registered at International Relations Office (IRO), the student should register at the ISPS in the authorised courses of the chosen Master.

  • Important: Free Mobility Students pay the total amount of the public fees established by the UGR.

Note: If you wish to seek a Master Degree (Full Studies) at the UGR, please consult the International School for Postgraduate Studies website (ISPS). Hereby you will find the FAQs about Complete Master studies at the UGR:

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