The Research Proposal

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The Research Proposal

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Under this tab you can submit your research proposal, which describes the research activities you will undertake in order to develop your doctoral thesis. The document that you must complete must be downloaded from the website itself. Please do not use any other type of document. When you have completed it, save it in .pdf format and upload it to the website. The proposal must be reviewed by your supervisor and by the Doctoral Programme Academic Committee. Your supervisor will report on the research proposal directly on the website, without the need to attach any additional documents, provided that you have previously uploaded it. There is also a link on this page that will take you to the Code of Good Practice for the Supervision of Doctoral Theses at the  University of Granada . This is the document that you confirmed to have read before you entered the application.


The research proposal document does not include the title or the thesis supervisors. You must input the title of the research proposal on the website; the tool will automatically include the thesis supervisors when you download the document. Don't forget to use the 'Subir Documento del Plan de Investigación' (Upload Research Proposal Document) button when you want to upload it to the website.

You can modify the proposal as many times as necessary. Once you consider it to be ready, you can select the ‘Envío a evaluación’ (Send for evaluation) option. This enables your supervisor to access the proposal and make suggestions for its improvement, as we have indicated above. Should your supervisor deem the document to be inadequate, they may send it back to you for further revision. If they consider everything to be in order, they will give it their approval via the same platform and the document will pass on to the Academic Committee of your programme. In any case, it is important to remain in contact with your supervisor during this process.


The last step prior to final approval is the public defence of the research proposal. Once it has been successfully completed, the coordinator of the programme will register their final approval of the proposal in the application. You will then be able to view any reports on it that your supervisor and the Academic Committee have issued.


The doctoral programme will be able to provide you with all the information you need on the process of defending your research proposal.

    • If you do not submit your research proposal or your supervisor issues a negative report on it, the defence presentation will not go ahead.

In addition to your research proposal, in this section of the application you will find another essential document, the Supervision Commitment Document (‘Compromiso Documental de Supervisión’).


Once you have been assigned a tutor and supervisor, this document will be available for download from the Monitoring Portal. You should sign it and then obtain the signatures of your tutor and supervisor (the signature of the director of your Doctoral School is not necessary at this point as this will be added later). You must submit the document with all the signatures, except that of the director of the Doctoral School, to the Evaluation Committee when you present and defend your research proposal.

If for some justified reason you consider it necessary to modify the research proposal (or your supervisor or programme suggests it) you must request authorisation to do so from the International School for Postgraduate Studies. Once this authorisation is granted, the procedure for uploading a new document to the website, reviewing it and approving it, where appropriate, is very similar to that described above.