For boards of examiners, lecturers and academic committees

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For boards of examiners, lecturers and academic committees

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Listed below are the forms that the boards of examiners, academic committees, lecturers and coordinators will need.

  • For lecturers:
Form File
Application to participate as a lecturer or assistant lecturer in a doctoral programme Spanish/English
This document will be provided in PDF format to the applicant for admission or to the doctoral student if the applicant is to be proposed as a thesis supervisor. If the initial intention is to include this lecturer in the doctoral programme without proposing them as thesis supervisor, the document has to be sent to the coordinator of the corresponding doctoral programme for its assessment.
  • For boards of examiners:
Form File File
Doctoral thesis assessment report (secretary of the board of examiners) Spanish English
  • For the academic committee of the doctoral programme:
Form File
For doctoral thesis project defences
Committee proposal for the doctoral thesis project defence Spanish
For doctoral theses
Thesis submission approval by the doctoral programme academic committee Spanish English
For academic committees
Minutes of the constitution of a doctoral programme academic committee Spanish
Document for the election of a doctoral programme coordinator Spanish
Payment form for university lecturers participating in training actions Spanish
Non-UGR staff travel grant form Spanish English
Travel order Spanish
Form for payments to natural persons Spanish English
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