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Application forms

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Doctoral students who wish to submit any application related to their doctoral studies must use the standard forms that can be found on this page.

As a general rule, you must submit your applications through the Solicitudes (Applications) option of the Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Students, accessible via your "Acceso identificado" Student Account.

Assessment process for applications submitted through the ACADEMIC MONITORING PORTAL FOR DOCTORAL STUDENTS

A. Once you submit your application through the Academic Monitoring Portal, we will review it and the application status will change to one of the following: Aceptada administrativamente (Administratively accepted), Rechazo administrativo (Administratively rejected) or Aceptada (Accepted).
B. Explanation of the statuses above:
- Aceptada administrativamente (Administratively accepted). Depending on the content of your application, one of the following will apply:
► Your application needs a report by the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme.
► The purpose of your application is to serve as an annex to another application or simply to submit information to the doctoral programme for consideration in another process, for example, in the defence of your doctoral thesis proposal. In this case, your application will be forwarded to your doctoral programme. Subsequently, your application will be either accepted or rejected if it is an annex to another application that has also been rejected.
- Rechazada administrativamente (Administratively rejected): Your application presents issues and has therefore been rejected. In this case, you will be notified via your university email account ( and your private email address as registered in your student record. This email will describe the reasons for the rejection and the information needed to reapply, if applicable. You can view the reasons for the rejection by clicking on the + icon that appears next to the application through the option Solicitudes (Applications) of the Academic Monitoring Portal.
- Aceptada (Accepted):  Your application has been positively assessed.
Assessed applications may include observations, which can be viewed by clicking the + icon.
C. Administratively accepted applications will be forwarded to the corresponding doctoral programmes around fifteen days before the meeting of the relevant Doctoral School Academic Committee.
Doctoral School Date of the Academic Committee meeting Submission date
Doctoral School in Health Sciences (EDCS) 13/07/2022 28/06/2022
Doctoral School in Science, Technology and Engineering (EDCTI) 01/07/2022 16/06/2022
Doctoral School in Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (EDHCSJ) 12/07/2022 (*) 27/06/2022

(*) This date has been changed.

D. You will be notified once the assessments of the applications have been sent by the corresponding Doctoral School Academic Committee. Notifications will primarily be sent via email (to you university email and private email accounts). However, if your application is rejected, you may receive a message through the UGR e-Administration Platform. You will also receive a notification on your university email account.