Legal regulations for non-EU students

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Legal regulations for non-EU students

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Legal regulations for non-EU students

Note from the Sub-Directorate General for Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), dated 1 January, 2017, on the requirements for foreign students to obtain a student visa.

This matter is regulated by RD 557/2011, of 20 April, which approves the Regulations of Organic Law 4/2000 on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration, following its reform by Organic Law 2/2009 and, specifically, its Chapter II of Title III (arts. 37–44).

How to obtain a study visa

You must apply for it using an official form that has to be submitted in person at your corresponding Spanish diplomatic mission or consulate (depending on your place of residence). This application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Current passport or travel document with valid recognition in Spain. Its validity must cover at least the full duration of your stay.
  • If you are a minor and you are not travelling with your parents or guardians, they must sign a document authorising you to travel to Spain for your stay. This document must indicate the centre, organisation, entity and body responsible for the activity you intend to carry out in Spain and the planned period of stay.
  • Proof of having been admitted to an authorised school in Spain for the completion of a full-time programme leading to the award of a degree or certificate of studies.
  • Proof of having sufficient financial means to cover the costs of your stay and return to your country and those of your family members (if applicable), in accordance with the following amounts:
    • For your living expenses: an amount representing 100% of the monthly IPREM (reference indicator for determining social benefits), except if you can duly prove that your accommodation has been paid for in advance for the entire duration of your stay. The IPREM has been set by Law 48/2015 of 29 October on the Spanish State Budget at €579.02 per month for 2022. You can check this value updated year by year in the following link
    • For the living expenses of dependent family members during your stay in Spain: an amount representing 75% of the monthly IPREM for the first family member and 50% of the IPREM for each of the remaining members who will integrate the family unit in Spain, except if you can duly prove that your accommodation has been paid for in advance for the entire duration of your stay. These amounts do not include the cost of your studies, whether or not they have already been paid for.
  • Proof of having paid the corresponding application processing fees (€60).
  • Document proving that you have public or private health insurance with an insuring company authorised to operate in Spain.
  • When the duration of the stay is longer than six months, the following documents are also required:
    • Medical certificate attesting that you do not suffer from any disease that may have serious public health repercussions, as stipulated by the International Health Regulations of 2005.
    • Criminal record certificate proving that you do not have any criminal history for offences under Spanish law in the countries where you have lived during the last five years.

Important note

If the duration of your stay is not longer than six months, a visa will be sufficient. If your stay lasts longer than six months, you must apply for the corresponding Foreign National Identity Card (TIE) within one month since your effective entry into Spain.

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