User's Guide for the Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Candidates

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User's Guide for the Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Candidates

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This Guide is aimed for doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Granada on doctoral programmes regulated by the Royal Decree RD99/2011.

It summarises the procedures that doctoral candidates have to be familiar with regarding the activities related to: their learning; presenting and defending their research proposal; and their academic monitoring. All of these aspects are subject to the University of Granada Regulations for Official Doctorate Teaching and the Doctoral Degree, and to the regulations of each Doctoral School.

The Doctoral School of each Programme is in charge of the resolution of any disparities or conflicts in the interpretation of these procedures, in accordance with Art. 5 of the Internal Regulations of the Doctoral Schools of the University of Granada (UGR).  

The Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Candidates

Your academic activities on the doctoral programme will be managed via the Academic Monitoring Portal for Doctoral Candidates ('Portal de Seguimiento Académico de Doctorandos').

What is it?

The Portal is a tool designed to enable you to:

  • Consult information (programme details, tutor, supervisor, etc. )
  • Manage:
    • the doctoral student activity document (the 'DAD')
    • the research proposal (known as the 'PI')
    • the annual monitoring of your academic activities

Who has access to it?

In addition to yourself as a doctoral candidate, access is also provided to your tutor, your thesis director or supervisor, the Academic Commission of the doctoral programme and the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School to which you belong to.

How can I access it?

Via the e-Administration function of the UGR website (known as 'identified access to online services', acceso identificado). If it does not immediately come up on the menu simply type 'portal' into the search tool and this will take you to the following screen:

    • If you are not sure about how to enter the 'identified access' application (Acceso Identificado) please get in touch via and ask for assistance.


Once inside the application, to enter the Portal select 'Doctorando' (doctoral candidate) as the type of user:


You will then see seven main tabs in the application:

  • Datos generales (general details)
  • Documentos de admisión (the admission documents)
  • Documento de actividades (the activity document, or 'DAD')
  • Plan de investigación (the research proposal)
  • Seguimiento anual (annual monitoring)
  • Solicitudes (applications)
  • Mensajes (messages)


You will also see five small icons in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The first of these provides access to an information guide on the procedures associated with the doctoral programme, the second one can be used to let us know any technical issues or other problems you encounter when using the Portal, the third gets you to this Monitoring portal guide and you can choose whether you prefer it in Spanish or English, and the fourth one takes you to the International School for Postgraduate Studies webpage related to the Monitoring of the doctoral candidates.

Tareas básicas a realizar por el doctorando/a

Consult information Enter the ‘Datos Generales’ (General Information) section.
Consult the activities proposed by the tutor Enter the ‘Documento de Actividades del Doctorando’ (DAD) section.
Input the necessary information on the undertaken activity and upload related documents Enter the ‘Documento de Actividades del Doctorando’ (DAD) section and select the appropriate activity type. Once you have completed the information don´t forget to click on ‘Grabar’ (Save) and then ‘Enviar’ (Send).
Submit/modify/send the research proposal Enter the ‘Plan de Investigación’ (Research Proposal) section, upload the document, make any necessary changes, and, when the final version is ready, don´t forget to press ‘Enviar’ (Send).
Collaboration Agreement for Doctoral Student Supervision (‘Compromiso Documental de Supervisión’) Once your tutor and supervisor have been assigned, enter the ‘Plan de Investigación’ section to download the Collaboration Agreement and follow the instructions.
Annual monitoring Enter the ‘Seguimiento Anual’ (Annual Monitoring) section and submit the report within the designated deadline.
Applications Apply for different documents and options related to administrative issues
Messages Other communications
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